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Instructions and Help about Are Form 1065 Schedule M 3 Minority

Belfast Irish BL Fiesta is a city in the United Kingdom and the capital city of Northern Ireland on the banks of the river laggin on the east coast of Ireland it is the largest city in Northern Ireland and second largest on the island of Ireland it had a population of 333 thousand eight hundred seventy-one in 2022 by the early 1800s Belfast was a major port it played a key role in the Industrial Revolution becoming the biggest linen producer in the world earning it the nickname Lynn innopolis by the time it was granted city status in 1888 it was a major center of Irish linen production tobacco processing and rope making shipbuilding was also a key industry the Harland and Wolff shipyard where the RMS Titanic was built was the world's biggest shipyard it also has a major aerospace and missiles industry industrialization and the inward migration it brought made Belfast Ireland's biggest city and it became the capital of Northern Ireland following the partition of Ireland in 1922 its status as a global industrial center ended in the decades after the Second World War Belfast suffered greatly in the troubles and in the 1970s and 1980s was one of the world's most dangerous cities however the city is now considered to be one of the safest within the United Kingdom throughout the 21st century the city has seen a sustained period of calm free from the intense political violence of former years and has benefited from substantial economic and commercial growth Belfast remains a center for industry as well as the arts higher education business and law and is the economic engine of Northern Ireland Belfast is still a major port with commercial and industrial docks dominating the Belfast Lough shoreline including the Harland & Wolff shipyard it is served by two airports George best Belfast City Airport and Belfast International Airport 15 miles 24 kilometres west of the city it is listed by the globalization and world cities research network gawc as a gamma - global city topic name the name Belfast has derived from the Irish be all firs D which was later spelt B all fear stop the word B all means mouth or river mouth while furs deep fierce does the genitive singular of fear said and refers to a sandbar or title for to cross a rivers mouth the name would thus translate literally as river mouths of the sandbar or river mouth of the ford this sandbar was formed at the confluence of two rivers at what is now Donegal Key the Lagon which flows into Belfast Lough and its tributary the far set this area was the hub around which the original settlement developed the Irish name BL Fiesta is shared by a townland in county mayo whose name has been anglicized as bel Farsad an alternative interpretation of the name us mouth of the river of the sandbar an allusion to the river Farson which flows into the Lagon where the sandbar was located this interpretation was favoured by edmund hogan and john doe Donovan it seems clear however that the river itself was named after the title crossing in Ulster Scots the name of the city has been variously translated as Bill Faust bill Faust or Belfast although Belfast is also used topic history although the County Borough of Belfast was created when it was granted city status by Queen Victoria in 1888 the city continues to be viewed as straddling County Antrim and County down topic origins the site of Belfast has been occupied since the Bronze Age the Giants reign a 5000 year old henge is located near the city and the remains of Iron Age hill forts can still be seen in the surrounding hills Belfast remained a small settlement of little importance during the Middle Ages John de Courcey built a castle on what is now Castle Street in the city centre in the 12th century but this was on the lesser scale and not as strategically important as carrickfergus castle to the north which was built by de Courcey in 1177 the O'Neill clan had a presence in the area in the 14th century Chloe neo tha bid he descendants of a ODH bid he O'Neill built grey castle at Castle re now in the east of the city con O'Neill of the clan Aboy O'Neill's owned vast lands in the area and was the last inhabitant of grey castle one remaining length being the Khans water river flowing through East Belfast topic growth Belfast became a substantial settlement in the 17th century after being established as a town by Sir Arthur Chester it was initially settled by Protestant English and Scottish migrants at the time of the plantation of Ulster Belfast in County Antrim however did not form part of this particular plantation scheme as they were privately colonized in 1791 the Society of United Irishmen was founded in Belfast after Henry joy McCracken and other prominent Presbyterians from the city invited Theobald Wolfe Tone and Thomas Russell to a meeting after having red tones argument on behalf of the Catholics of Ireland evidence of this period of Belfast's growth can still be seen in the oldest areas of the city known as the entries Belfast blossomed as a commercial and industrial center in the 18th and 19th centuries and became Ireland's preeminent industrial city industries thrived including linen rope-making tobacco heavy engineering and shipbuilding and at the end of the 19th century Belfast briefly overtook Dublin as the largest city in Ireland the Harland and Wolff shipyards became one of the largest shipbuilders in the world employing up to 35,000 workers in 1886 the city suffered intense riots over the issue of Home Rule which had divided the city in 1920 to 22 Belfast became the capital of the new entity of Northern Ireland as the island of Ireland was partitioned the accompanying conflict the Irish War of.

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