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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 1065 Schedule M 3 Pros

Instructions and Help about Are Form 1065 Schedule M 3 Pros

You hello and welcome to another edition of B TV the show where we take questions from people who visit our website regarding medical malpractice and accident case issues in maryland i'm marcus boston and i'm joined today in the studio with my lovely wife I'm Renee Boston and today we actually want to talk about something that is actually not law related it actually has nothing to do with a medical malpractice or an accident issue we got this question I came through through our email and it deals with specifically how do we work together as a married couple as a husband and wife and how do we run a law firm together and the end of person just was kind of just want to know how do we do it so as a husband and knowing what I know I'm actually going to go ahead and turn this over to my wife Renee and let her go ahead and kick it off and get started well I'm actually a member of several organizations that are female oriented and I get that quite often they ask me what I do for a living when I when they find out and I tell them that I'm also married to my husband and he's my business partner I started getting some raised eyebrows and some some sideways glance like there's no way you both can be married and work together but I'll go a little further not only are we married and work together we actually work together there are instances where people who are married and may have the same businesses and they may go to work together but they don't actually work together when they get there but we actually work together there are cases that we have to get and we actually both put time and effort into each and every one of the cases that we get so that's kind of a little preliminary of what we actually do now how was it working with your spouse that can get kind of tricky well for me I am I would assume Marcus would agree with me that I'm the more emotional one of the group and my that means I'm you know not I'm the one that's kind of the panicky queen and you know why don't want to do this and I don't want to do that and I'm the woman of the relationship surprise surprise but it's it's not that it's hard because we've known each other for I guess about a decade now and we've been married for over five years so it's it's easy to work together but to me work doesn't stop for some people who shall remain nameless work is typically 24 hours a day seven days a week there's no there's never time when thoughts of all group is not open and running even though we're not in the office we're still working right and and that is then that can be tricky because there's a lot of people um who you know they don't agree with that and it doesn't work for them and but for us I mean we're focused on running our law firm together and we're committed to our law firm and just like we're committed to our marriage and you know for a lot of people what's you know what's kind of hard to understand is that they're both they both take big commitments of time see if you're serious commitments to time and you know a marriage is not like a typical boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship where okay well things today didn't know what I want them so I want this pack on up and I'm going to go back home more money somewhere else no you have to actually try to work that thing out and you have to keep going for the common good of marriage and I mean for me specifically it it can be specific yeah for me specifically okay yes I do that okay well but for me specifically it can be challenging and like Renee said I mean it really are our business it creeps into a lot of what we do and I think a lot of that is because we've determined to be successful at da law firm and we're determined to take it to where we envision it to go in the future and we are beginning to do that it is beginning to get to that point but I think that for a lot of people it's just kind of its grain and it's how do you do it in and you know again it may not be for everyone I mean there i think that's a fair you got it you got to be true to yourself and you got to be true to each other and you know the person you're married to you know the person you know your work ethics that's number one and if you're not on the same page work wise you may have problems not necessarily saying that you can't do it but there may be some problems and you may have to reevaluate some stuff right right and I mean for us it is is really you know we really put a lot of time into our to talk ferb and and I'm married to because the marriage has to be to me I would say the marriage has to be very strong right to withstand the stress that running a business and being married and I mean there are days where we you know wake up you know if we're together pretty much 24 hours a day you know and sometimes this can be for 23 days at a time you know we're just you know we are we were metal also a way to stop together you know um and you know some spouses they're like well you know I would want.

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