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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 1065 Schedule M 3 Filing

Instructions and Help about Can Form 1065 Schedule M 3 Filing

Are my 1099s double counting my income and where do I enter my income in TurboTax Aloha friends Amanda here from the business finance coach where I'm simplifying finances and helping you grow your self-employed work into a business welcome to my tax series in today's video I'll be doing TurboTax and we'll be entering your income and 1099s be sure to check out my other videos in this series turbo tax is a high-end tax software but I'm also covering mid-and like Tax Act and a low end which is actually free if you're self-employed and with a 1099 called free tax USA and I'll be doing comparison videos at the end so in the desktop software you'll actually have this business tab I'll click continue and I'll choose what I work on to get to the main listing if TurboTax is confusing at first just click around a little bit because it's really not that confusing it gets simple very quickly if you're on self-employed you won't have a business tab in a personal tab instead you'll just have the options over here on the left and you'll click federal taxes and then you'll click income and you'll scroll down to self-employed business income expenses just like here we have business income and expenses so you'll click update if you've already set up your business like we did in the profile setup video so you can see there's no gross income no net income we just set the business up in that first video so now I'm going to click Edit this business and this is where we'll enter everything for this business and if we need to change any of the basic information that was in this business profile so now I'm going to come in to...