Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 1065 Schedule M 3 Reorganization

Instructions and Help about Will Form 1065 Schedule M 3 Reorganization

Hi my name is Dennis Ben be with Sergent professional education I'd like to introduce you to one of our seminars that I've written it's called tax forms boot camp for LLC's and partnerships now this one is designed for those newer to the form 1065 looking for a basic understanding of form and what I've done is I've taken chapter by chapter sort of concepts of income and expenses and partner issues put them in separate chapters and at the end of each chapter we build into one case an intricate form 1065 the really good news is at the end of them at the end of the day the filled in forms are included in the manuals so you can see the work product that you do all day it's designed to cover the basic concept of taxation and it's not just one case there are many case studies throughout the day reinforcing the key issues of preparing partnership returns correctly I'd like to invite you to look to our tax once bootcamp for partnerships and LLC returns thank you you.